I’ve made a small update to the Pokemon Fusion site, and added Missingno. as a hidden pokemon.

I was inspired by the incredible Mewtwo x Missingno. fusion artwork that was posted by StarvingStudents on his deviantART page

Missingno. appears whenever there is an invalid ID in the URL, so acts as a fun 404 page. You can try it out here


The glich images were generated with ImageMagick (the Rmagick ruby gem in particular), using the spread function to displace pixels by a certain amount. In this case, I also shrunk the image first to exaggerate the pixelation, and it brought it back to normal size afterwards.

filename = "pokemonimage.png"
img = Magick::ImageList.new(filename)
img.resize!(40, 40, Magick::PointFilter)
img = img.spread(2)
img.resize!(160, 160, Magick::PointFilter)

The Magick::PointFilter option is what allows us to preserve the blocky pixels when we resize, because otherwise ImageMagick will try to smooth out the edges for us.

As a finishing touch, I also sprinkled in some pixels of the purple and orange that are used in Missingno.’s sprite.