I recently received a review unit of the Chargekey.

It’s essentially a key-sized USB to Lightning cable that you will can have available on your keychain (They also make a Micro-USB version to fit your Android phone). I don’t do too much wandering around during the day, but I hadn’t bought a second cable for charging my phone while at work so I was more than happy to start making daily use of this.


Plugging it in got a connection right away and charging seemed just as fast as with an Apple cable. The rubber casing feels sturdy enough, and the bending turned out to be very useful when the USB drive wasn’t flat on the desk.


The only worry I have is how much wear and tear the exposed connections will see, especially if I’m taking my keys in and out of my pocket frequently.

The pricetag at $29 is pretty high for a simple cable, and I am not the ideal target user but I probably wouldn’t have bought one for myself. That said, it’s undeniably useful, and is also a fun conversation starter. For people who work while on the move frequently, I could see this being an essential item.