This neural network was trained to output unique opening lines to novels. Some of the results are surprisingly great:

I have just been informed, that the debate over the question ‘is it right or wrong to have immortal souls’ has been finally brought to a conclusion.

When I was a boy, I was fond of the story of the pirate god.

He had a strange name, and he was a very big boy indeed.

The village of Pembrokeshire, in the county of Mersey, lies on a wide, happy plain, which, in a few years, was to become known as the “Land of the Endless Mountains.”

I was playing with my dog, Mark the brown Labrador, and I had forgotten that I was also playing with a dead man.

How many times have I had the misfortune to die?

The first day I met my future self, I was aboard the old dirigible that lay in wait for me on the far side of the moon.

It’s hard to call these creative since the AI probably has no concept of what these words actually mean, but there are some really compelling ideas in here.

The last sentence in particular struck me as having so many interesting elements that could be explored more as the story progresses. At the very least, these serve as excellent starting places for ideas that a normal person wouldn’t have on their own.