Things that changed

  • I have more time in the morning to do things around the house instead of commuting
  • Remote meetings are a little harder than in-person meetings
  • I write daily reports about my work progress, equally to show my teammates that I’m staying on track, and to keep myself on track
  • We watch the news a lot more
  • I don’t wear socks
  • Pushing my social life online has lead to me talking to friends more than before

Things that didn’t change

  • Waking up in the morning is hard
  • Work hours are mostly the same, or a little longer from the lack of a commute
  • There is still a lot of work to do and I am busy
  • I still shave and brush my teeth and shower
  • I get dressed in the morning
  • We get groceries delivered once a week
  • The world is stressful, but being able to stay at home is a blessing so total stress balances out
  • The dog doesn’t seem to care that I’m around