Chrono Trigger basically began as a jam session — a couple of star designers and a manga artist getting together to brainstorm and seeing what they might produce. No pressure. No cynicism.

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Ultimately, the best thing about Chrono Trigger is something that can’t quite be quantified in terms of mechanics, aesthetics, or plot. It’s impossible to play without getting the sense that that its designers really had a lot of fun in conceiving it (barring a stomach ulcer or two) and were wholly dedicated to making sure they got it right. Chrono Trigger is a labor of love effected by a group of very talented game designers, and their enthusiasm for the project permeates every aspect of the experience.

Talk about nostalgia. I still consider Chrono Trigger to be the best game of all time, and this article expresses its appeal perfectly. If you haven’t played it before, fire up the emulator. If you have played it before, reading this will make you want to play again.